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Samaya spun around and blushed prettily; she’d forgotten about the others for a moment, as she’d been walking by herself for the last ten minutes of the trip. She didn’t know how she’d ended up as the leader of their little group, especially since Aislyn seemed to have all kinds of experience in this kind of thing. How do you get that kind of experience? Samaya wondered and then debated whether or not she should ask.

She turned around to answer Felicia’s question and found that she’d fallen asleep. She shrugged and looked across the clearing at the other two girls. How was it that she was the only one that had managed to grab some sleep? Everyone looked positively exhausted.

“If you guys needed to take a break, you could have mentioned something earlier. I’d have been happy to stop.” She looked around and picked up a good sized branch from the ground. “Does this work,” she asked carrying it over to Aislyn. “If you wanna catch some sleep, I’ll stay up and stand watch. Is that what it’s called…standing watch?”
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