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As he was putting together another line or two to use to calm Rena down, she surprised him by wiping away her tears. He had judged her by her past behavior and thought that she would have continued to cry if he didn't do something about it, but he was clearly being presumptuous, and he mentally hit himself for that.

"Thanks Ridley...for everything. I told you I'd find your girlfriend, so I'm going to find her. No matter what happens." Even if it kills me. I'll be that person. "They went that way, right? They couldn't have gotten too far, and Raine wants us to follow her...so there shouldn't be much trouble. Let's go."

Watching her walk away, Ridley had no idea why the girl in front of him was willing to risk her life just to make his own final hours better than they would have been. From his perspective, she had nothing to gain from such a dangerous endeavor. "You seem... more than sure about this. It's kind of amazing." He said without thinking. He wanted to thank her, but she had already gone on ahead of him. It was all he could do to catch up with her and hope that they were going in the right direction.

(Ridley Landon, continued in Watch Your Step)
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