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Allie sighed. They didn't think they were a threat then. At all. Further from it, in fact. They were joking about them. Great start. Great start. Jackie looked really hurt by it, Allie thought she looked like she was about to tear up. Allie wondered if she should, y'know, do something, but only managed a quiet whisper to her.

"Hey, Jackie?" Allie briefly paused, wondering if using her name might creep the smaller girl out. "You okay?"

That mustn't have helped matters though, cause the next thing she knew Jackie was cussing at them for no reason. Screaming her lungs out. They were trying to help right? Tell her that didn't happen. God, tell her Jackie didn't just throw away both their chances of living by screaming profanities at the people with weapons. Allie peeked over the log, trying to get a better view of them.

They were armed but they hadn't tried to like, murder them yet or anything. Why was Jackie shouting at them? Allie lined up a shot, throwing the rock at the nearest figure, honestly not expecting to actually hit anyone with it, really. She threw her bags over her shoulders as she noticed Jackie getting ready to get the hell out of there.

"Wait!" Allie fumbled for her inhaler, it'd gotten lost on the grass in the confusion. "I'm Asthm-!"

Too late, she'd already gone. Allie grabbed her inhaler, tucking it into the pocket of her hoodie. She thought her options through for a second. Jackie seemed impulsive, but Allie got the feeling there was more to her than what she'd seen. The other's... well, they'd come across as patronising, and jerks. Allie got to her feet, not caring not that she'd been seen by them. She took a couple of deep breaths before rushing off as fast as she could in the general direction Jackie ran in. She even flipped the other jerks the bird as she was running.

((Allie Walworth, continued in Jesus Loves the Little Children.))
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