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Chase could only sit there, watching and listening as the boy rambled on about ex-girlfriends and friends and Uno and things like that.

Really, what was the right thing to say here?

All Chase had to deal with was the fact that she hadn't exactly been on good terms with her friends for a variety of reasons, getting robbed, and then the Russian monk person doing... that. Here, this guy had to deal with his friends dying in front of him and his ex being a murderer.

And suddenly, the numb feeling of fear was replaced with awkwardness.

Chase never saw herself as being good at consoling people. Really, there were too many things that could go wrong here, especially since he was holding a gun. A "paintball gun", apparently. Chase didn't know what that meant exactly or what it was capable of. To her, paintball was something she only heard about at school from time to time, but had little to no idea what it actually was. Could a "bullet" still kill someone? It would probably hurt somewhat, at the very least. It only made things more awkward, knowing that he had a weapon, even if it was just paint, and she didn't. Chase was going to have to improvise a weapon, and fast.

But, in any case, she really had no clue what exactly to say. It wasn't like she didn't care about him. In fact, some part of her wanted to say something, especially since he was apparently considering suicide. But, what? What would make him feel better?

"I'm... I'm sorry. I had no clue... and... uh..."

She could only stare at Ben.

What was it like, having someone close to you die only a few feet away?

Chase did not want to experience that. Heck, if Jon, Dawne, Brendan, and Rekka all managed to survive, that would be peachy. The last thing she wanted was the death of her friends. But this guy had watched his own friends get attacked and die. And his ex... god, no wonder he was acting so weird just a few seconds ago.

She frowned, and looked towards the ground.

"I'm not sure w-what is the right thing to say. I mean, I kinda got mugged and... uh... that guy on the announcement who got attacked by a chainsaw? I was kinda... well, I was there. T-trust me, I didn't get to see the murder, but... I saw the body... but... uh... nothing like..."

She gulped a bit of air, then looked up.

"Look. If you want, I c-could stay with you. You know, help each other out? I mean... we're in this together, right? It's probably a good idea to... y'know... uh... safety in numbers? So we won't get killed or lose our minds as easy?"

Chase placed herself on the ground next to Ben, staring at him like he was some mysterious new life form. One thing she couldn't help but wonder was if he needed a hug or something like that. In most cases it would be considered weird to randomly hug people you barely knew, but this guy was clearly distressed. In fact, she was already feeling kind of bad that she was seriously considering taking his weapon only just recently, even if in an attempt to get away from a psychopath.

And once more, she stared at the ground again, and softly sighed as she placed the bag to her left.

God, she wasn't sure what was worse. Dealing with a complete psycho like Rasputin apparently was, or dealing with someone as frightened as Ben or... herself. Fighting a psychopath with no redeeming factors was one thing, but fighting someone just as scared as she was another. Things with Ben seemed awkward as of this moment, but what if she had to fight him after knowing this?

And what if he just left her to die, just like what Kitty did? Would he do that?

It didn't help that she had been woken up, either. Otherwise she would have said something smart, or be able to figure things out a bit more.

Chase looked up, and saw someone approaching. Whoever it was, they looked huge and athletic even from here. She could only once more stare at the man approached, clearly lost in his thoughts. Who was it now? Another scared student, or one of the sickos? Eventually he stopped, and gave them both a confused expression and a quiet greeting. This guy here looked vaguely familiar. Chase might had seen him around at school a couple of times. Heck, she might had shared a class with him.

Her eyes quickly looked over his body. Yup, he was definitely huge and muscular. Probably on a sports team of some kind. He still had two bags, so he still had the majority of his supplies. There was something attached to the straps of one of his bag, as well. What was that? Was that his weapon? Chase looked at it for a few seconds, before noticing what it was.

Right at that moment, the memory of the sounds she heard at the Fun Fair kicked in. Inside her mind, she could almost hear the chainsaw's roar again, and Robert's face the morning after.

Oh god.... hehasachainsawhehasachainsawhehasaCHAINSAWHEHASACHAINSAW.

Chase started to tremble again, and found herself frozen to the ground once more. What could she do? He was huge! She couldn't fight against this man! What if he used it? What was left of Robert kept coming up in her mind insistently, and wouldn't go away.

"N-no..." she mumbled quietly.

She kept telling herself that she wouldn't end up like Robert. But, here was someone with a chainsaw. Multiple people could have had one here, but what if it was... oh god.

Should she run?

Her legs had turned to jello once more, and she couldn't move. Oh god, please not be him! Out of here, she needed to run now. Ben had something closer to a weapon, but would it stop him? It was paint apparently, but if chainsaw guy thought it was a gun with actual bullets, he could be scared away. But what if he wasn't?

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