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((Maddy Stone continued from Take, Eat))

She was a bit cleaner after crossing a river and attempting to clean her clothes in it. The downshot was that she had spent the better part of day two sopping wet and freezing cold as a result, despite the summer relative warmth. About this time, the announcements had come over on the tannoy, and she winced at each one, most of whom she knew. They were all people, individuals, but now they had something in common, namely being dead.

Having finally dried off, and taken the most uncomfortable nap of her life near some trees, she had slept off most of the afternoon, and decided on a whim that it was better to walk at night. She had good eyesight, perhaps that would be useful to her at some point.

For a long time the mountain had loomed ahead of her, and she had known for most of this time that she was going to climb it. It wasn't a huge mountain, but she figured that many of her less phyically able classmates would balk at the sight of it, and hopefully the psychopaths would be down there trying to catch them. Trekking up a path that had apparently been built by the previous inhabitants of the island (either that or an extremely enterprising classmate), Maddy held her rosary in her hands, twisting it between her fingers, muttering prayers as she walked. She hadn't prayed so much in years. But her words were constantly directed towards God. Please, give me strength. Give me the strength to resist hurting anyone, give me the strength to keep going.

Though she had no idea how he could save her now. The only way to win was to kill everyone else, which she couldn't do. But if she lay down and did nothing and surrendered, where did that leave her?

Stumbling on a loose stone, she fell forwards, cutting her palms on the gravel. Scrabbling round she worked her way into a seated position and inspected the damage. Not too bad, a superficial graze, just enough to sting for the next hour without any further complications, she hoped. Standing up, she kept walking, looking for somewhere more sheltered that she could clean the wounds. Rounding a corner, she spotted Charles sitting on a rock, though the darkness meant she didn't know who it was until she was pretty close. Recognising him, she sat down on the ground beside him with a faintly amused irritable air.

"Don't," she said, before he could say anything. Maddy fully expected a Charles Richard Dawson anti-religion rant, and right now, she wasn't really in the mood to defend her God (though naturally, she would). Unzipping her duffel bag, she rooted around for the first aid kit and a bottle of water and started washing the wound. "He has a plan." She realised with sudden pressing urgency that at least one of them would be dead in the next few days, and she bent her head to disguise the sick feeling this brought on in her, her dark hair falling across her face.
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