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((Celeste Beaumont continued from Words Can't Bring Me Down))

Celeste was lost.

God damn it, how deep are these woods?! she wanted to scream, but she grit her teeth and endured it. No sense yelling and screaming, scaring off the only person so far who had bothered to come with her. But damn, Celeste was tired of forest! She wanted...Fuck, I dunno, a beach! Or a mall, that'd be even better...stuffed animal store, that'd be the best. She suddenly smiled, laughing a little in amusement as she imagined the game taking place in a giant Build-A-Bear or something. Teddies being blasted apart, bombs in the clothes section...fluff and stuffing flying everywhere. Be pretty funny, but an undignified place to die.

The sudden shout snapped her out of her amusing daydream and back to harsh reality. "You hear that?" she mumbled, slowly putting her hammer down, leaning on it as she massaged her aching shoulder. "...Think someone died over there?"
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