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Peter sat silently, listening to what Max had to say about the scene. He made a point to keep his head down, his hand hovering between the sleeping pad and the half open backpack, nodding as he tensed, waiting to hear the bad news he so inevitably expected.

"He's armed. Some kind of a rifle I think."

Damn it... That's not a good thing... His eyes closed as he took a deep breath, trying to decide what to do if the other pair indeed were hostile. They could always just retreat into the tunnels. But that might mean they would lose Katlin more than they already had. They could try and fight... No. He was better than that, he refused to fight against and kill his classmates. That's just what Danya wanted them to do.

"Ok, they're talking, I guess. Possible they argue, because they just turned their backs on each oth-"'

A quick, deep exhalation, he prepared to back and turn, tail between his legs.

And then the tension broke in a single instant.

"Ooookay, I stand corrected... Apparently the guy's changing his clothes."

The way that Max's fearful and cautious voice broke into embarrassment and awkwardness almost made the boy fall into a small fit of laughter. Oh, the luxuries he would rarely be afforded again in his short life.

Max's next question however stunned Peter. He had just asked if they should approach the other pair. If they weren't hostile, then obviously they should! He and his companion held high ground, so there was no sense in not unpacking here either way. However, there was also just as little sense in not going towards the two sitting down on the log in the middle of the sea of stumps. "Max, if they aren't hostile, why should we leave them there to die?" As naive as the statement was, it made 100% sense him. His hands danced over the pack, quickly tossing out a couple of supplies. The sleeping bag was rolled over closer to Max, and a pair of flashlights were removed from the bag. Now the only question that stood was whether to flag the pair down, or just head down there themselves?

"On the off chance they do end up being hostile, bring the Pistol anyways. Just don't use it if you don't have to." He continued to rummage in the pack for a moment, before pulling out a white T-Shirt and stretching it out. Reaching behind him, he grabbed a branch, presumably left behind after one of the mighty trees that once made up this plot's residence was felled, and tying the arms off to it. "Just so they know we're friendly too." Yelling was a terrible idea, as it was more likely for more than just their intended targets to hear the noise. A white flag against this backdrop was significantly less likely to be offhandedly spotted by the nearest player on the other hand. The flag slowly rose as he spoke, poking over the rocks behind which they hid.

"You ready to do this Max?" He pushed himself off the dirt patch as he asked, prepared to start walking down and find out just who these two were.
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