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'Okay, calm, gotta calm down,' Marco thought as he brought his hands away from his face, leaving a bloody palm print on his right cheek. He reached back into the bag and located the cylindrical object that was the true flashlight, pulled it out and flicked the switch on.

Marco was nearly blinded as the floor and walls where he sat were instantly illuminated, light bouncing off the mirrors in front of and behind him, reflecting in all directions. He blinked several times and waited for his vision to grow accustomed to the change in brightness. Blurry shards of silvered glass were strewn amongst his feet, Marco silently thankful that he hadn't sat down on one of them. His glasses were sitting in the middle of the mess and when picking them he was even happier to see the lenses were intact and hadn't contributed to the scattered glass on the floor.

Marco slid the glasses on his face and everything came back into focus. The mirrors on either side of him, the glass pieces on the floor, the bloodstain on his cheek, the light at the entrance...

'Oh, yeah, somebody's there, right?' Marco wondered, looking in its direction while wiping the blood off his cheek with his jacket sleeve. It was a given that doors usually didn't go opening up by themselves, so there had to have been someone out there who was still lurking outside. Unless there happened to be a particularly strong draught blowing through the building, but if that was the case Marco would have felt it by now.

Marco did happen to feel something right at that moment, but it wasn't a draught; something outside had just slammed into the exterior wall - the other side of the wall he was currently leaning against - in between where he sat and the entrance. 'What the hell was that?!' Marco thought, jumping to his feet and wildly shining his torch around in circles, nearly tripping over his bags in the process. His breathing had become heavier and his heart pounded in his ears, his mind fully woken up again and buzzing after being startled like that.

Voices. He could faintly hear voices over the sound of his heartbeat. Voices coming from outside. Curious, Marco tiptoed towards the entrance to get a better listen, picking up his bags and the candelabra (now sporting a nice dent on the base where it had hit the mirror) as he went.

The sounds got clearer. Nobody was shouting, screaming, crying out in fear or anger. They just sounded like they were having a civilised conversation instead of trying to butcher each other. 'Assess the situation before you go running out there,' he thought. 'If things really do get ugly, duck back inside and pray no one follows you in.' He then realised that if he went back inside, he could get lost and/or trapped and end up being killed anyway. 'Okay, new plan, just make a run for it back into the trees and get the fuck away as fast as you can.'

Marco gingerly poked his head past the doorframe and looked out at the gathering of students, his brain busy attempting to assign names to the faces he saw. 'Don't attract attention to yourself, make sure they're friendly first before saying anything.'
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