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Sarah dug her hands into the sand, squeezing handfuls of the silicate as if she could extract escape from them if she tried hard enough. The granules stabbed at her palms, the force making it feel like her hands were burning. She needed to take her anger out on something, and she was the only thing she felt she could hurt. She screamed again, as much to cut at her throat as to express her pain. The force of it made her choke on her own breath, and as she coughed and spluttered she realised she couldn't keep screaming, and that left her with nothing to do but sob.

That someone was trying to cheer her up, that someone cared enough to try, only made her cry even more. But with her friend beside her she let the pressure go and stopped trying to torture herself. She appreciated Dutchy's effort, but she didn't want to be happy. She wasn't meant to be happy. She had failed, and though she knew it wasn't final, that she had to carry on, to continue, she didn't feel like she could will herself to stand.

She didn't have to. A force dragged her up by her arms from where she lay. She let Bridget give her back her footing, not willing herself to be heavier like she did as a child when she tantrummed. Like she probably would have if she'd tried a minute earlier. Then something unexpected happened, and Bridget was whispering in her ear.

"You need to stay strong. People look up to you. If anyone can lead us to safety, it's you."

Bridget's words startled her, abruptly ending her sobs. As the other girl stepped away Sarah looked at her for a moment before drying her tears on her sleeve. A weak smile fixed itself on her face as she sniffled. That someone had faith in her was more than she could have hoped for.

She could suddenly see exactly how much work lay ahead. She wiped her hands across her legs to clear away the sand. It was a start. If she couldn't save Reika, then she could at least make her proud.

Sarah offered Dutchy her hand and pulled him to his feet, gently hugging him once he was upright.

"Th-thank you for... for helping" she said softly. Dutchy's kindness seemed so necessary in the situation they were in, more than it ever had back at bayview, and she really appreciated it.

After a couple of seconds she relinquished and began moving to gather her bags. All the bags. The first aid kits she stuffed into her duffel bag, her backpack she crouched into and lifted with her legs. It wasn't really that heavy. It was full of books, clothes and other mostly useless but sentimental paraphernalia that she felt compelled to hang onto. She'd find somewhere to store it until they were free, the beach definitely wasn't the best location though.

She was just throwing her duffel bag over her shoulders when Kimberly stopped by her.


It... meant a lot to Sarah. She barely knew Kimberly, and knowing that she'd earned her appreciation made her feel as if she was already doing something useful. The words which followed took some of the warmth away from the sentiment for her though, and she felt her smile slip slightly, though it would soon return when she had a bit more time to think.

As much as she wanted an easy scapegoat she just couldn't bring herself to agree with Kimberly. Kris was probably just as scared as she was and... people could do stupid things when they were scared. Revenge was too simple, survival would be complicated. Survival would take all their effort.

But they were going to do it.

Sarah picked up the riot shield, sniffled again, and quickly set off after the others.

((Sarah Xu continued Elsewhere))

((Thread pretty much concluded.))
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