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It was a huge relief for Cassie to see Dustin offer to carry Maria. True, he did want her to carry his guitar for him, a task made difficult by her javelin and daypack, but she was up for it. As long as Maria was going to be safe, she'd work up the cash to pay for a Jimi Hendrix original to give to Dustin when (if) they got out.

She treated the thing with care, with a respect borne out of a fellow instrument owner. There was a strap around it, thank God, and she proceeded to loop it around her head and shoulder. One step taken toward her daypack and javelin, though, made her feel it bump against the ground. Her short height meant that the bottom of the guitar hung only a few inches from the ground. She'd have to keep it in a good position; the instant the guitar left her mind, it'd get scratched the fuck up.

Fine. Whatever. They were ready to go. Asshole Zach made a location suggestion and the group was ready to move. Everyone agreed to stick together. The Simon kid and that Ash girl's well-meaning concern about their water and food, though, basically ground on Maria's nerves, because the time everyone took to comfirm that yes, they didn't fucking chomp and chug through their entire supply in one goddamn day was too much time for her tastes.

"We're FINE," she said in response. "We've all got a decent amount of bread and shit with us, and even if we don't, we can talk about it THERE and not HERE." She pointed to woods and the town center, respectively, the latter point coming very, very close to Warren's crappy grave. She never wanted to see it again. Same thing for the graffiti. She wanted to sleep like Maria was sleeping. Everything else could wait.

"Let's fucking GO already!"
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