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Their group had expanded to such an enormous size already. 7 people? That was certainly looking for disaster there. Their goals were not the same, that was certain. Ash was quite sure that the others wanted to simply survive instead of escape, which was much more practical given the circumstances.

Even then, she was reluctant to give up so easily on her goal. Only when the inevitable strife broke their group apart would she make her decision.

If even one of the others shared her wish to escape from this island, then she would stick to her guns and cooperate in order to try and find a way to break free of this horror.

But if they were all just going along with the 'game', then there would be no point in continuing. Freeing herself was impossible without the aid of others, no matter how she tried to spin it. It was a group effort or no effort at all.

She looked over the other people with a frozen expression on her face. Who among them were 'players'? Who would be the Judas of this motley band of students? The answer was still uncertain, but Ash knew that she would find that answer out soon. For now, it was time to focus on basic needs. Long-term thinking could wait until tomorrow.

"Until we find new supplies, we have to start rationing. We can go for a short time without eating." Her gaze turned over to Zach, her grey eyes seeming to grow dim in the light as she addressed the leader of their group. "If we don't, then we're going to be caught in a rut."
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