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Casey the Undead
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Let's go where eagles dare
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"Follow us, come on!" Someone who Rena did not recognize was shouting as she streaked through the trees.

"Raine! What the fuck? Where are you guys taking her?" Ridley was shouting. So that was the Raine they were looking for? The Raine they had trekked through the forest for? The stranger that Rena agreed to help the other stranger find? And once they had found her, which Rena figured was highly improbable luck, she was gone with barely a warning? All this for nothing?

"Sorry. I have to..."
And now the third gun-wielder she'd met on this island was turning tail and running too. What the hell? Why is everyone in this game so fast moving? Does no one understand that running around blindly is only more like to get you... She bit the thought off violently. They were running because they were scared. Of course. It wasn't easy to trust anyone in this game, Rena knew that. But she also knew that it felt a lot better to be the one who wasn't trusting someone that the one who wasn't being trusted.

"That... fucking idiot! Why is everyone in such a goddamn hurry? FUCK!!"
It was an odd comfort to know that Ridley was at least thinking the same thing she was.

Of course, Rena needed more comfort than that. She was sobbing, still hysterical in the face of danger. Poor wittle Rena. Crybaby! Crybaby! Crybaby! The taunting voice of Jake screamed through her mind. No. She wasn't going to go back to that day. She wasn't going to relive the pain of hitting her face on the sandbox, or the blood that poured out of her head that made her sick for weeks, or Jake's taunting cries. Now wasn't the time.

"Hey, come on, things have quieted down now, okay? Everything's fine, see?"

"Liar." The word came out as a pathetic mix between a sob and laughter. She had to give Ridley credit; for a stranger, he was an oddly caring person. He helped her leg, he calmed her down, and now, when he really should have been running full speed ahead after his beloved girlfriend, he was making sure Rena was okay. She shook her head. He deserved better than the winy, hysterical, crybaby she was. He deserved someone who could help him. She would be that person.

She blinked the rest of her tears away, clearing her throat as she did so. Slowly, she reached into her daypack, pulling out some rations and water, gulping it all down in one swift movement. She looked down at the giant club that still rested in the bag. She understood, deep down, that she would never actually use it...but no one else knew that. It was the only plus side of being so invisible in high school; no one would be able to remember if she was someone who'd play the game. She took the club out, resting it in her hands, before looking up in the direction that the others had gone.

"Thanks Ridley...for everything. I told you I'd find your girlfriend, so I'm going to find her. No matter what happens." Even if it kills me. I'll be that person. "They went that way, right? They couldn't have gotten too far, and Raine wants us to follow her...so there shouldn't be much trouble. Let's go."

She couldn't look Ridley in the eye, not after everything that had happened. Not after her breakdowns, and her hysterics. She just had to trust that he would follow her, and that he would help her figure out where they needed to go. She had to trust him.

It was the least he deserved.

And with that, Rena started out of the woods.

((Rena Peters continued in Watch Your Step))
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