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All of the yelling confused Ridley to no end, to the point that he thought that it would have been a good idea to draw his gun and fire it into the air. NO! He caught himself, Bad bad baaaaaad idea! Don't even think about it! As he peeked around the tree to see what the hell else was going on, his ears picked up exactly what he wanted, yet at the same time exactly what he did not want.

Her head turned back and she shouted back to Ridley, "Follow us! Come on!"

His eyes homed in on Raine's figure as she was pulled away from the area and into the trees with the rest of his peers. "Raine! What the fuck? Where are you guys taking her?" He stopped himself once he saw that there was one more person left, who was facing him. He knew the kid, too: James something or another, one of the smartest kids in school. Ridley knew it, and so did everyone else, especially after everyone got tests back in any given class. He was taller than Ridley, though that was not very hard to do, but what Ridley focused on the most was the gun in the other guy's hands. Nevertheless, he reached for his gun, though he did not draw it. Ridley only hoped that James was still smart enough to know that shooting their guns off would not have helped the situation.

"Okay," he repeated, "Okay, I'm willing to believe you. You... You know Raine? Yeah, she's with us... Y-You two are friends of hers I'm guessing."

Ridley's shoulders relaxed, and his hands fell limp at his sides. "Thanks. Yeah, Raine and I have been going out for awhile. I've been looking for her, but-- who...?" He grumbled to himself for a few seconds before he said, "Who the hell was the guy who called me a psycho? He--"

"I... uhh..." James looked back at Ridley and Rena, two kids he barely knew.

Ridley paused. He wasn't able to tell what was going through the other boy's head in the slightest, but he clearly wanted to get out of there. I should ask to go with him so that I can see Raine again. That thought, however, came too late.

"Sorry. I have to..."

And then James ran off. "Wait! Can't you take us with you to--?" But he was gone. "That... fucking idiot! Why is everyone in such a goddamn hurry? FUCK!!" Just before he took off after James, he turned to check on Rena, who had been sobbing for awhile by that point. "Shit, uh..." He crept up to her and tried to smile. "Hey, come on, things have quieted down now, okay? Everything's fine, see?" He had lied to his parents before, but he never recalled ever having to lie to one of his peers. Not to mention that he had not ever told any lies to bald-faced and simple.
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