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((Quincy Jones cont'd From Bats & Rats & Blind Cave Salamanders))

He was still following Tiffany, not really caring if any of the remaining group were with him or not. He'd written most of them off as dead weight, and it was obvious that some of them, like Gloria, would end up being more dangerous if they weren't put down. The only concerns he was feeling about it were everybody else's reactions if he were to put somebody down, and how easily he was coming to the conclusion that he would need to kill.

He put the thoughts out of his mind. Hopefully, it wouldn't come to it. And if it did, then he would deal with it then. Right now, he was just glad to be out of those tunnels, and back into normal light. He'd lost track of how long he'd been down there, and the dim light wasn't giving any real clues.

As Tiffany sat down and yawned, he moved over to sit beside her. As far as he was concerned, she was in charge now. She was the girl with the plan, and he was happy to follow whatever she suggested. "Sure, we can rest here. You're the boss!" He half smiled at her through his tiredness, and wondered what Felicia would make of his closeness to another girl.

He took the opportunity and the light to finally search through his knapsack, with 'B030' shakily scrawled on the front. He wondered what the number meant. Was it a sort of seeding system? Was he the 30th most likely to succeed? In the end, it didn't matter. He looked inside the bag. Besides the food, water, flashlight and first aid kit he'd expected after the briefing, there was what he had to assume was his weapon. An Etch-A-Sketch. Fucking Joke.

Now he hoped that Gloria would come and follow them, stick with him. More than ever, he wanted her gun. He figured that in close quarters he could take anybody else from the year group, even if they had a knife, but he needed something with range if he was going to get anywhere.

He turned from his bag and looked at Tiffany, obviously exhausted. "You get some sleep if you want to. I'll protect you."
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