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(Ricky Fortino continued from Accidental Acrophobia)

"This.... goddamn island."

Ricky was about spent. He'd managed barely any rest over the last 24 hours. They'd been walking through most of the night, since both Thea and him had this sorta unspoken agreement with each other about moving fast so that people like Winnie and Raine and whoever that kid Ricky'd thrown a punch at wouldn't be able to keep up with them.

Not that Ricky had anything AGAINST those kids. It was just... well it was what it fucking was. Law of the jungle and all that crap.

And if that announcement had been any indication, well then holy fucking shit he was right to think that way. There were actually a whole bunch of kids getting fucking killed out there, and Ricky Fortino had no intention of getting caught with his pants down and having some psycho stroll out of the woods and shoot him in the head 'cause he hadn't been paying attention.

It was all really fucking simple. He just needed to keep his guard up, he needed to stick with people he knew, and not put the attention on himself, and as long as he did that, he'd fuckin' stay alive. He just needed, well he just needed to be himself. Maybe the army would come. Maybe that Danya guy would just get fucking bored and let them all go, he didn't know. But as long as Ricky just stuck around and did his thing, he'd be fine. That getting killed and dying shit? That was for other people.

It hadn't been long after those announcements that they'd seen the Mirror Place up ahead, and while it wasn't exactly Ricky's idea of a great place to spend the day, he guessed it could be a lot worse. At this point, he'd take anywhere with a roof and hopefully a bench or something to sit down and take five. Not to mention that he wouldn't mind a chance to change his clothes and put on some cologne or something. A shower was probably out of the question, but that didn't mean he'd just let himself get fuckin' filthy and sweaty out here.

There was already another group of kids around the building, and Thea seemed happy to see them at least. Ricky took a breath and picked up some speed, jogging the last few feet towards the group.

"Hey Thea. I think James is comin', don't know about any of the others we were with though." He turned and saw that Acacia and Autumn from the cheerleaders were both there. Fuckin-A. Then there was Roman Jackson, who he mostly knew as Alex Jackson's twin, and the guy with one leg. Whatever. Seemed to Ricky like one group was the same as another in this place.

"Hey girls. Good to see ya, uh, sorry just need to catch my breath for a minute."

Wasn't really much else to say. Ricky moved to the side of the building and leaned back, welcoming the feel of something that wasn't a goddamn tree to lean against.

He did notice that Acacia had a gun in her hand, though. Because that was another thing. Ricky wanted a fucking gun. Or at least something other than a fucking shovel thing to defend himself with. But what was he going to do, just tackle the girl to the ground and take her gun in front of everyone? Yeah, that would be real fucking smart. No way, he'd just wait to see what happened next, and keep that in mind.
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