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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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A sigh left Brook's mouth when he realized the party was about to be broken up. Jeremy had left, but not without heading up to give Brook a little parting gift in the form of... a business card? The boy looked over it confusingly, but waited for Jeremy to head on his way before turning it around to look at the back of it. He looked, for quite some time, at the back of that stupid card, then to Jason, then to the card, and put it in his pocket, his face sullened up into a glare at Jeremy's departing form.

Wow... asshole...

The taller boy looked down to Jason again as the Aussie made his way back up the ridge to hold the shoulders of both Brook and Maf. "Sometimes, Jason... j-just sometimes, I think you watch too many movies!" Brook laughed. How the hell was he supposed to understand all these fancy hand signals when he hardly even knew about their existence? All in all, the situations the four of them were running into were... humorous. Jimmy was being an idiot, Leila's apparently decided to read the Book of Rosa, and Jeremy thought he could be a regular Rockefeller. Put it all together, and Brook had a hefty disctraction from the fact that they were all supposed to be killing each other.

They had the means to do it, too. Hell, with four guns, the 'flowerheads' (as they were apparently called, according to what he heard today) could've taken on anybody. Leila, Cody, Jimmy and Jeremy didn't seem to have a single gun between them, so that wasn't exactly the epitome of a difficult (or fair, for that matter) fight. Yet, they hadn't blown anybody's brains out, so... that meant nobody had really killed anybody. At least, not that Brook had seen, so... things were honestly looking up! Everything was going to be okay.

Tiffany was okay, he hoped.

((Liam "Brook" Brooks continued elsewhere))
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