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They were smiling. Joking, even. Where the fuck did they think they were?

Oh, I get it. They both had weapons. Stuff they could actually bust some brains with. They thought they could get all cocky just because they had the upper hand here against that short weird girl no one liked. Fucking assholes.

Jackie had been pretty stressed out already, and now she could feel her blood rising to a steady boil. They think they're better than me. That's how it had always been. That's how it was at home, that's how it was at school, and that's how it would be here. And now it was going to cost her her life if she didn't do something about it. She felt a familiar swelling in the upper part of her head- No no no no no. Don't cry. No weakness. Not now don't cry don't cry don't cry-

"DON'T FUCKING PATRONIZE ME!" Her voice had broken as she filled the air with her shrill, shrieking command. Shit. Now they're going to laugh and they'll think she's a total baby and they'll just hit her in the skull with that fucking pipe because no, of course someone so stupid and weak isn't going to make it here, we're practically doing her a favor here seriously, fuck those guys all they do is sit in the quad probably smoking or some dumb shit and talk about sex and makeup and all those things teenagers are supposed to like they'll never understand her because she's not like them and she doesn't even want to be like them but this is why she can't have friends and shit like this happens.

"FUCK YOU!" And she grabbed her bags and took off into the woods. Her name was Jacqueline Myrie, and she clearly was not supposed to be here.

[[Jackie Myrie continued elsewhere]]
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