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your mom wanted to make sure that her clothes didn’t steal the spotlight from her new haircut so she went with this feather fringed semi-transparent catsuit w/modesty pleather panels in a simple, understated black.
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Okay, so . . . three new bitches. There was a bitch covered in blood (which begged the question, who's?), a bitch having a nervous breakdown, and a bitch named Frankie. Get back to her later.

Ethan was extremely kinky and Feo loved it. But she'd get back to that later too. Right now she was focused on the crier. It was irritating seeing this bitch cry just because she was afraid. She had gotten blown up, actually fucking blasted with dynamite. Her arms were still aching, and she wanted to cry. And this useless, waste of space, scaredy cat hoe was crying?

Feo's right hand was twitching. Doctors would call it phantom limb syndrome. But Feo knew the truth.

She wanted to slap the shit out of this girl.

She picked up the oar. Much more useful than a sharpened stick, that was for damn sure. She was right handed, but swinging an oar with her left wouldn't be impossible.

She turned to the bloody one, who looked like post-prom Carrie. "What did you do? Whatever it was, don't try that shit with me." Normally Feo would have been afraid of this obv psycho, but apparently she was too annoyed to be afraid. Or brain damage, whatever.

Wait, Frankie. Right. Frankie was cool was hell, and meaner than the devil. It was good to see her though. She seemed sober. Feo hadn't seen Frankie sober outside of a game since . . . since . . . yeah, it had been that long. She guessed Frankie had made the baby cry.

"Frankie, what's up? I would ask how you are, but since we're all fucked I won't bother." Feo smiled, an actual one. "Welcome to this hellhole."

"And you, behind Duncan. Stop crying, you're embarrasing youself. And by the way, this oar is mine now." It was cruel, but hell, this was survival of the fittest, not the kindest. If she was dumb enough to drop a perfectly good weapon, she deserved to have it taken.

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