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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Jason hadn't found any convenient sleeping places in the short time that Greg and Jeremy had had their conversation and was half grateful when Nathan started to move onwards along the trail. He hadn't really wanted to stop here, but what with running in to the trio of what seemed to Jason the most ridiculous of students his original plan was thrown somewhat out of shape. Once again Nathan had come to the rescue despite not knowing he needed to.

As Jeremy bounded off Jason did sigh inwardly a little. This was going to be difficult. They couldn't just kill off people they came across. He didn't think any of them would have the guts to do so, even though he knew it was the smart play. They were armed, athletic and a mobile group, but if they couldn't pull they trigger they weren't coming out the other side. There was a deep certainty that resounded down to the very core of Jason as he thought this process through. He didn't think that anyone they had yet met was a real threat but next time they might not be so lucky.

As Nathan and Leila moved off Jason moved back up to Brook and Maf, putting his hands on their shoulders. The action may of looked a little comical to anyone watching as Jason was by far the smallest of the three but anyone could tell the sentiment was there.

"Like my awesome commando signals? Probably should of gone through that before I ran off though. Suppose we see this through, hopefully we can get to the Radio Tower before we pass out from exhaustion. I'm pretty glad Nath's taken the lead for now, gives me some time to rest and to catch up on all the gossip that's been happening back here hey?"

Keep moral up for now. When the time came he needed to make sure that someone was willing to save the group. Brook, there was no chance of him ever hurting anyone, but any of the others might. Maf would take a lot of convincing, but in the right situation... he might just pull the trigger. Nathan, just a few nudges and he might be willing to listen as long as he understood why. Jason himself. Well he hoped he would be enough of a man to step up when the time came.

Unfortunately for him it would be sooner than he thought.

((Jason Harris continued elsewhere...))
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