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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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((Sorry guys that I had to split the order up. I'll be handling Winnie for Face since she's been busy, I got her permission and everything.))

James was thankful that he had stayed and listened. The gun in his hand grew heavier by the minute. He just stared at Ridley. It was true, he knew him from school. However he didn't know him well enough to just write him off as harmless. That was when Rena ran in and started jabbering, stuttering that they were fine. They weren't going to harm them.

James felt his hand shake. He clicked the safety off.

"Okay," he repeated, "Okay, I'm willing to believe you. You... You know Raine? Yeah, she's with us... Y-You two are friends of hers I'm guessing. "

He certainly did not mind them coming along , but that also raised another question he couldn't answer. Did he want the group getting too big? He wasn't the leader, Thea had that under control. What would she say about- oh right. She would hold her hands to her hips and just pout at him. That usually got him to cave in. Thea had the cutest little pout. She would puff her cheeks out, stick her lip out and give him the most hypnotic little glare in all of mankind. James smiled just thinking about it. Thea wouldn't be happy but what sge didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

"I don't know what happened over there," James admitted, "b-but you're fine. We weren't looking to kill you, at least I wasn't tryi-"

Wait. Wait just a darn second. Didn't Ricky run out of here with his tail between his legs? He told everyone that-

"That son of a bitch."

James looked down at the ground, gritting his teeth. He rarely cursed. It wasn't in his nature, but right now he wanted to curse so loud that everyone on the island couod hear him. Ricky had screamed murder for no real reason, crying about some psycho who turned out to be on the level. Why would someone do that? He might have been spooked. No, that was crazy, a guy like Ricky getting scared? That was ridiculous. So there was no other logical explanation for what he did.

Unless he wanted to break up the group so he could pick them off one-by-one.

That was insane though. Who would do such a think. Ricky would never do that. No.

... maybe. Possible. Could be the answer. Might-

"I," James started. He hesitated, giving a shake of his head. "Damn it, I don't have time for this. Not now. I have to... Winnie, she-"

James looked back hesitantly to see that Winnie wasn't there. Wait. Had she gone ahead? James hoped she went in the right direction. It didn't feel that right to let Winnie walk herself, but it was clear she wanted some space. James felt relieved that she at least listened to him.

Then he froze up when he remembered he had let the rest of the group go ahead of him. He was alone.

"I... uhh..."

James looked back at Ridley and Rena, two kids he barely knew.

"Sorry. I have to..."

James turned and ran. Frankly he didn't care if they followed him or not. He just didn't want to lose the group. James really didn't want to be left alone.

(James Mulzet continued in Sorry, Mom. Sorry, God.)

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