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((Continued from Bats, & Rats, & Blind Cave Salamanders))

A day and a half. That's about how long Charles had been in those tunnels. He had come out somewhere in the mountains and was heading traveling outwards, away from all tunnel-and-mountain-related parts of the island.

He had gotten out of the cave around noon, but it was night now, the sun he worked so hard to find had fallen beneath the horizon, the stars and moon taking it's place. His flashlight was off, it had been dimmed from nearly a day and and a half of constant use, so he left it off when the sun set.... Though, he was having trouble navigating the mountainside in the dark.

Charles sat down on a rock that seemed like a decent stand in for chair, or at least the best nearby.

The announcement came back to his mind. He had been thinking of it since he heard it down there in those tunnels. Nineteen people were dead, that was almost a death an hour. That rate likely increased today, and tomorrow it would again... that rate would only slow when there were too few people to keep up that death rate, and wouldn't stop until only one person was left... unless something happened to stop it... something....
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