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I'm a wizard and that looks fucked up.
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Listening to her go on, Saul's mask of a smile slowly became genuine, he corners of his mouth tugging upwards. She's safe to be around, that's for sure. Hell, I doubt she could even hurt a fly.

"I dunno if a shelter would be really smart, Sapphire. You remember the fat guy talking about danger zones? If we're caught off guard in one, we're toast. I think moving around would be better, honestly, but I dunno how many more people on the island are as peaceful as us...."

This speech felt familiar. Like similar words were spoken by him. It couldn't have been earlier than yesterday. In fact...

Then, it clicked. It was similar because he said it to Cyrille. He said that caves were a bad idea. That they should have moved. His lip quivered as a rush of raw emotion swept over him. Cyrille... if they had stayed at the cave... maybe she wouldn't have...

It was my fault.

He killed her. Maybe he didn't stab or shoot her, but he may as well have. He got mad at her in the tunnels. She left. That was the last he heard of her or his companions. What if Garry died too? Garry was his best friend. Did he send his best friend to his death too?

"O-oh s-shit..."

Tears, welling up in his eyes, slid down his cheeks, leaving warm wet trails on his skin. "W-we should..." his voice wavered. Who was he to say his opinion? His opinion got someone killed.

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