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((Garry Villette continued from Stamina))
((OoC: I got permission to start this thread due to the other one still being stuck on Day 1))

The ground was getting more and more rugged as Garry marched on, and starting to get more and more elevated above sea level. Night had fallen just mere hours after he'd left Bounce and Victoria, the werewolf-fanatic having to resort to using his flashlight in order to see where he was walking and to make sure he didn't take a tumble over the cliff on his left hand side. "Wish I could see in the dark," he mumbled, raising his free left hand and patting his head. The beret was still on there, good.

He recalled the wildlife documentaries he watched with his family, and the way the animals' eyes glowed brightly when the cameramen were filming at night, then wondered if his eyes would do the same, especially with his gold contacts in. He could imagine how that would play out. 'And here, we see the werewolf stumbling around in the dark, trying his best to avoid the dangers on this island,' he thought in an imitation of David Attenborough's voice. 'He's tired, and in desperate need of a rest... yeah, no kidding.'

Exhaustion was gnawing away at him, his body's way of pleading with him to stop and take a rest for what remained of the night. He was starting to stumble as his legs found themselves increasingly unable to support his body weight, and just a short while later, they gave out on him. Garry sunk to his knees, able to stop himself from falling flat on his face by leaning back instead. His back and head softly hit the damp grass, his eyes staring straight up to the not-so-dark-anymore heavens.

Dawn was breaking, pastel shades of purple and pink lighting up the eastern horizon and reflecting off the water. It would have been a beautiful sight, but Garry didn't have the energy to turn his head to look in its direction. Besides, he was more than content to keep gazing at the fading stars above his head. His eyelids were starting to close on him, getting halfway shut before he forced them open again. It was a losing battle, however.

'Stop fighting it. Get some sleep, you've been up nearly 24 whole hours,' his mind ordered him. Garry had no choice but to oblige his brain's command, letting his eyes close and falling into unconsciousness almost immediately.


Garry's slumber was harshly interrupted by feedback after only about 40 minutes.

'Oh for fuck's sake,' Garry mentally growled, sitting up, looking around and blinking several times. Nobody was there, but someone was now talking, the voice distorted and coming from some loudspeakers hidden from view. It took him a couple of seconds for him to recognise the person speaking. 'Danya!'

It was the morning announcements, and Danya started to read the deaths out like some kind of mundane list, like their lives didn't matter in the slightest. Of course they didn't matter to him; why else would he organise and execute this sick plan in the first place?

Remi Pierce was first, followed by Dallas Reynolds. Garry didn't know either of them all that well, or at all for that matter. Warren Brown, the same as the other two, but Garry made a mental note to avoid Omar if he came across him on his travels. The next death shocked Garry, as it had turned out to be caused by one of his hockey teammates. 'Scratch teaming up with Alex,' he thought.

Next was Reika Ishida. "The fuck?!" he yelled out. As opposed to the others on the list, Garry had actually known Reika and her sister, but finding out she'd died and so early as well, it just seemed so unreal. Had it sparked Reiko's murderous rampage? 'Kris Hartmann, you bitch,' Garry thought as the announcement continued. Chris Davidson, he didn't know whatsoever.

Sally Connelly and Cyrille LaBlanche.

Garry's hands balled up into fists, closing his eyes as the mere mention of their names brought the scene back into his mind. The sai sticking out of Sally's throat, the blood pouring out of Cyrille's back. The way Danya described it seemed odd though. Cyrille had apparently helped Reiko take down Sally, and then Reiko turned on her afterwards? That didn't seem right, not according to what Cyrille had said just before she died. Had Reiko accidentally stabbed her then? 'God dammit, why wasn't I faster? I could have stopped it!' he cursed.

Petrushka, Everett, Alex a killer ('again?!'), Staffan had killed ('another one of the team's a killer?!'), the names just kept on coming and Garry worried that another name of a person he knew would come up. He managed to breathe a sigh of relief when Amber's name was read out, the final fatality of the previous day. Violetta, Saul and Miranda weren't among the dead (no, even though they'd had that bust up back at the tunnels, he wouldn't wish death on her), nor were the rest of the hockey team or some of his other friends like Hermione and Dougal. They were still alive.

Garry laid back again, staring blankly up at the early morning sky. 'They're still alive... but nineteen dead... nineteen people's lives ended like that, this shouldn't be happening,' Garry thought. There wasn't much time for any more thoughts, for his eyes had closed again and he'd fallen asleep, for much longer this time round.


Garry woke up again after about ten and a half hours of sleep, and boy did he feel better for it. His muscles didn't ache so much anymore and he was no longer fatigued. His face and arms did feel hot though, and pressing his fingers against his face he felt an intense burning sensation. He hissed out in pain, realising that he'd managed to become badly sunburnt as he slept in the hot sun. Of course, much worse things could have happened to him while he slept. Like receiving a bullet to the head while he was dead to the world. Fortunately it looked like his sleeping place had been completely undisturbed, since both the halberd and beret still laid on the dry grass next to him. Picking them up from the ground, Garry knew that he had to press on if he was to locate Violetta. He got to his feet and grabbed his bags, ignoring the fiery pain circulating in his sun-exposed skin.

Garry walked adjacent to the cliff edge for around half an hour, occasionally looking out over the deep turquoise sea. Freedom was literally a stone's throw away, but thanks to the collars and the patrol boats zipping past (Garry swore he saw someone on board wave at him, to whom Garry responded by flipping them the bird), freedom was all but unattainable. He felt like an animal. Not a wolf or werewolf, but something domesticated, like a sheep or a chicken on a farm. Caged in, unable to escape.

The sun hung precariously above the shimmering horizon as a chain fence came into view. Along with a dead body slumped against one of the poles holding the barrier up. "Fuck..." Garry whispered, slowing his pace as he neared the body and saw the condition it was in. Strips of rotting skin clung to the top of the fence, his mouth and chin were covered in dried blood, flies swarming wherever the red-brown mess was present. And the stench...

Garry fought off the urge to vomit and quickly got past Eric's body until he was a fair distance and no longer downwind from it. The contents of the announcement came back to mind: "Eric Lorenz was next to meet his demise, taking a tumble at the hands of Alex Rasputin and winding up getting impaled on a fence."

'You did this, didn't you, Alex?' Garry thought, looking back at Eric and dropping to his knees, grabbing hold of the fence to support himself as he suddenly came over all dizzy. Clutching the interlinking wires with his fingers, Garry felt even more like an animal than he had done before.

Caged in. No escape.
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