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Staring mouth agape at the corpse in front of him, Sunil still had no idea how to react, standing in a catatonic stupor. Having a mental breakdown or blindly charging at the murderer in front of him both seemed like tempting if somewhat stupid and badly thought-out ideas. Even though the more logical parts of Sunil's mind had temporarily shut down, leaving him only to rely on instinct and basic emotion, he knew he had to resist the urge to do those things. Having a mental breakdown there and then would just make him look like a burden to his potential allies, and would leave him open to any attacks, muggings or abuse. And charging an obviously mentally unstable girl with just his fists would be a pretty stupid strategic decision to make, and the inevitable death or serious bodily harm that would result would only be his own fault.

Instead, Sunil's instinct decided to come up with a somewhat better plan, one so obvious he should have thought of it earlier.

Run away.

The idea had already occurred to his three allies (John had even suggested it to Sunil, but Sunil hadn't even noticed that), and as Sunil quickly glanced around, he noticed he was alone, aside from a corpse and the girl responsible for that corpse. Carrying his bags with him, Sunil turned away from the body, urging himself not to look back at the traumatising sight, and sprinted away as fast as he could, in the same direction as his allies, not saying a word to the girl he had left alone with what used to be Maria Santiago.

((Sunil Savarkar continued in Living in the Aftermath. I believe that the thread is now over.))
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