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“The rec room sounds good enough. We’ll need a place to rest.” Simon looked around. There weren't enemies around, but it was a good idea to be careful. They were a large group, after all.

They had been on this island for longer than a full day, Simon knew that. He was currently feeling alert enough, with all the action that had taken place, the announcements foremost among them. However, they were going to need to sleep at some point. How long could humans go without it? Simon though he had read that it was somewhere between four and six days, but he wasn’t sure. Maybe that was how long you could go without food. Or water.

No, that was wrong. If humans went even one day without water, they were in trouble. Simon tried to think. How long had it been since he touched his water bottle? He had drunk some while he was walking toward the town center, but other than that…He pulled his bottle out and took a gulp.

“Guys? Has everyone had some food and water?” Simon didn’t generally like to speak up, and his voice was rather shaky.

He might have said more, but another boy walked in on the group, this one with his hands up. He was probably following Maria, but Simon wasn’t sure about that. All he knew what that the guy was Christopher, who did tech crew for the school’s plays. Simon was a stage crew guy, and he doubted the two of them had a conversation. Still, Christopher’s name hadn’t been mentioned in the announcements, which meant that he wasn’t running around killing people. Yet.

Simon let Zach handle the new person. God knows, when he had run into the guy in black, the other boy had only been traveling with Sam. Now, the group consisted of them, Ash, Dustin, Cassie, himself, and…maybe Maria? Who knew? It wasn’t like throwing another guy into the mix was really going to affect them that much.

He looked over to where Dustin was helping Cassie with the new girl. They might not be much, but they were a team, right? They could do this. Simon didn't know if he believed that, but it wasn't like he had any other options, really.
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