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Giggling, Sapphire gave a nod at Saul and reopened her eyes. "Right! We can do this. We don't need to listen to that fat guy's orders!" Eating another block, she gave another laugh. For all the people on the island that could hurt her, there was an equal amount not wanting to at all.

"So... I reckon this place is a good base to hide, don't you? We could build a shelter or something, like on Survivor! I mean, unless you think walking around would be safer, right?" Twiddling with her necklace, Sapphire started to think. "It be easier to find friends if we walked around, wouldn't it? But then again, some people could find us that we don't want to meet." Scratching her chin, she ran though the choices. She really wanted to see Sarah and the blue-haired girl again, as well as some parts of the GODspeed club... although someone like Clio wouldn't be good to meet again, now that she thought about it.

"What do you think?"
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