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Ben slipped his pack off and rested it against a blackened stump. OK, so she wanted to have him not pointing things at her. Fair enough. With a sigh, he moved to attach the marker back onto his pacHispaintballgunwascrudelyshovedonastraponthebackpackSHUTTHEFUCKUPIAMNOTAFUCKINGNA

Gasping, his grip on the plastic went rock solid, making his hand go white from the pressure. "I'd... prefer to have something in my hands. Just in case. Don't worry, paintballs ain't toxic. It's a paintball gun."

Sliding down, he crossed his legs on the lumpy ground, clicking the safety back on the marker and resting it in his legs. The same situation wouldn't happen twice. No, he wasn't going to let go of his little bit of safety against people who thought his friends would be easy. That he would be an easy kill. He closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Are you... y'know... alright?"

With pain, he opened them again. Alright? Alright. Right. Well. Correct. Not bad. Giving a twitch, he thought. Was he... OK? Maybe he should just say yes. But that would mean... no. Looking into Chase's eyes, he started to spill.

"Well. I just had my best friend's girlfriend killed before my very eyes, my best friend's run off into the wilderness with a fucked up leg, my ex-girlfriend's is one of the top killers on the island, another friend who I cared for died, I've slept for about 6 hours on and off trying to convince myself that no-one was going to kill me in my sleep, and I've got about two days worth of water left before I'm empty."

He swallowed down air before continuing, his emotions flowing like a river. "I've... I spent an hour yesterday wondering whether I should kill myself to save the trouble. And you know what? I couldn't think of one reason why I shouldn't pull this fucking collar and blow my head off! I actually thought about committing suicide and it was an actual logical choice!. I... I never thought I would ever try to fucking kill myself! And... and you know what I wanted to do on this trip? All I wanted to do is to sit down with my friends and play fucking UNO!"

And then he blinked.

"...that's what I forgot. The uno cards. Of course. Fuck."
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