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As Roland walked with Dutchy back down the beach to Sarah and the other two girls, he found it difficult to resist hyperventilating and generally panicking, especially with Dutchy's nattering voice excitedly discussing with him whatever parts of his plan he thought up at the moment. For the most part, Roland just responded by nodding and muttering generic agreement noises. The only thing he really reacted to was Dutchy's observation that there were microphones in the collars, so they shouldn't speak carelessly about their plans like Dutchy himself had been doing not five fucking minutes ago. "Yeah, definitely. Talking without talking. Let's do that."

Then Sarah collapsed and screamed, and Roland just about did the same damn thing. Everything was piling up too fast for him to deal with, and he didn't know what to do about any of it.

Well, he knew one thing had to happen. They had to get off this damn beach. He almost couldn't remember a time when they weren't on it. If he never saw it again, it'd be too soon. They'd been on the beach for an eternity. He reiterated the concept several times over in his mind as he ran with Dutchy towards Sarah.

Dutchy started to get upset about Sarah's condition, and for a moment Roland felt a little guilty about his annoyance at Dutchy's brief moment of hope. As false as that hope had turned out to be, it made Dutchy happy, had probably prolonged the fracture of his mind from all of the ugliness here on Hellmurder Island. Not that it mattered anymore. It was all gone now.

Then there was the other girl, the one who seemed perfectly alright. She got to her feet unsteadily and began to check her map and compass. She read his fucking mind. He checked himself to confirm that he had his daypack and harpoon with him still. Good.

She told everyone to get ready to leave, and started walking into the woods. He nodded to the rest of them and slowly followed her out.

((Roland Hayes continued in Dimer))
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