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(Permission given by Ciel to post out of order due to silly circumstances XD)

"My name's Ridley! Some of you have to had seen me around school, right? I'm not going to hurt anyone! And neither is Rena!"


Raine's eyes widened and she looked in the direction of his voice. Her heart was fluttering in her chest and it felt like the sun was rising on a cold dreary day. "Ridley, I'm here an-!!"

Thea! Take Raine and Jason. Get out of here, I'll catch up!"

"Wha--" Before Raine could say anything, Jason was tugging her arm and dragging her away from the scene. She barely had time to scoop up the speargun as she ran to keep up with him. `Her head turned back and she shouted back to Ridley, `Follow us! Come on!" She urged him.

Please follow us...Oh God...Please...

((Raine Schwarz continued elsewhere...))
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