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((Thea Kairos continued from Accidental Acrophobia ))

Thea had stalked her way across half the island, she figured, and was finally now starting to lose some steam. She’d walked most of the night, happy to be away from the losers that seemed to be congregating in the woods. Ricky had stayed with her and she’d had to congratulate him on coming up with a suitable distraction before she could.

As they’d walked their “host’s” voice had announced the…Thea’s thoughts stopped as she searched for an appropriate word…rising death toll. Thea shook her head at the thought and reconsidered her choice. Maybe she was better off with the losers in the forest at least they weren’t all trying to kill each other. Jason had said he’d witnessed a shooting, and Thea shuttered trying to decide what she’d do in that situation. She was afraid that she was going to find herself in that situation sooner or later.

She sighed deeply and turned her attention to the fairgrounds they’d found their way to. This island is too weird. Like a movie that needs certain settings to move the plot along. She continued on her journey and was surprised when she came to a two-story building with three people in front of it. She stopped and looked over them. The first boy was on the wrestling team. The second boy she didn’t recognize at all, although he was standing a few feet from someone very familiar.

“Acacia, oh my God, it is so nice to finally someone from the squad,” Thea said walking over to the fellow cheerleader. “What’s up? Why are you standing around for?”
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