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"Why on earth did you say that? You just tempted fate and there’s something in there and if we go inside, it’s going to claw us to death and wear our skin for hats!”

"I- Fate doesn't exist!" Acacia uttered, indignant, though the scream had spooked her somewhat. She took a few steps away from the door, lowering the gun to point to the floor, her eyes staring widely into the black abyss that was the Hall of Mirrors. There was something in there, but she didn't want to know what it was. Especially not if it was going to turn her into a hat, that would be beyond uncool. "And anyway..."

She was cut off by Simon deciding to run past them a few metres away and hurtle into the wall, before turning round and singking to the ground. This was topped off by the fact that there was something sticking out of his leg. The way he stared at it, not appearing to be in pain, concerned her somewhat, and it took a few seconds in the hazy morning light to figure out who he was. In the mean time she clutched at Roman.

"Oh my God!" she said with a sharp intake of breath, as her eyes were focussing. There was a strange lack of blood, not that she would have minded. She'd tested her blood multiple times a day for as long as she could remember; blood was not an issue. But no blood where theyre should be blood; that was something strange. Pausing, not knowing what to do, she stood blankly, the gaping mouth of the building basically forgotten in the sudden arrival of... Simon Telamon.

His name was familiar. Having let go of Roman, she then clutched at him again, briefly, before taking a couple of jogging steps towards the boy, pulling her hair all around to one side as though she was about to tie it up into a low side ponytail (but without actually doing so).

"He's the kid with a fake leg!" Acacia said, unable to hide a small amount of excitement from her voice. Having taken three steps and come into fairly cose contact already, she stopped short, looking shy all of a sudden. It seemed like a strange place to introduce oneself. "Hey!" she said, more cheerfully than she intended, and immediately rearranged her face into something that showed more concern. "I mean, are you okay? Uh... is there anything we can do?" motioning to Roman as well in the last part, without seeking his approval.
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