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[[Mary Ann Warren, continued from Sometimes Sanctuary Isn't So Far Away]]

Mary Ann had spent all night hiding, running, searching- it somehow felt routine after doing it for two days straight. Though she had yet to directly interact with anyone on this island, the girl simply could not shake the feeling she was being chased. Mary had run so long and so far that different locations became familiar, and she began to discern the relationships between them by distance and direction- though an advantage, this was no comfort to Mary Ann. She didn't want to get to know this place. She didn't want to be G108. She wanted to go home, where she only ran if she wanted to. Where she only hid if she wanted to. Where casual acquaintances were just that, and danger lurked only in their words.

Mary Ann stopped for a moment, and dropped the sword that still added weight to every step. Her wrists hurt like hell- every time it got unbearable to hold the sword she'd switch hands, but it became harsher each time as her fatigue increased and time between switches slimmed. More than once she'd considered leaving the damn thing, but being caught without a weapon scared her far too much to let her follow through.

Long story short, Mary Ann's nerves were getting to her. About 22 hours had passed since her last labored attempt at sleep, and her body was sore from the weight of her bags and her weapon. Mary Ann needed rest, but where? Everywhere she went that would have shelter, the voices of her fellow students had chased her away... and there was no possibility of going back to the houses in town. Not after what she'd seen. Mary Ann took care to hold her skirt underneath her thighs as she sat down on a stump several feet away. Her head pounded- she had Ibuprofen in her backpack, but was it worth wasting water?

Her headache pounded out a resounding "YES!" Mary Ann gave in- she knew that if she needed water later she'd hate herself for this moment, but that didn't matter. Not now. The water felt amazing streaming down her throat, cleansing the swelling feeling Ibuprofen always put in the back of her mouth- it felt a little too amazing, unfortunately. When she finished Mary Ann found half of the bottle gone. Damn it! Mary Ann wanted to cry- but she knew better than to make her headache worse.

As she looked around, Mary Ann found herself surrounded by stumps. Stumps, and... Oh no.

About twenty feet away, behind one of the stumps... a pair of legs.

Please be alive please be alive please be alive! She ran towards the legs, leaving her sword and bags behind. Please be alive. Those legs were the only thing important in the world, especially if they were still alive, if there was something she could still do for them.

It would've been better if they had just stayed legs- those were probably the least disgusting part of the body sprawled on the ground in front of Mary Ann. It was dark and extremely hard to see, but the stench hanging in the air above the body said enough.

For several seconds, all senses left Mary Ann's consciousness. She couldn't feel anything, she couldn't hear anything- not even her own thoughts. It was as though the universe and all life in it had frozen... until it started again. After those seconds of blackness, everything rushed to Mary Ann's heart and mind in bare moments- it was like in an action movie, where the hero makes a shot and everything slows down for a second to let the audience see the precision of the shot- but nothing about this was exciting, or cool, or worth applause from an audience. An almost disturbingly loud sob escaped the girl's throat as she dropped down to the corpse.

"Who are you?" She almost wanted to shake it when it didn't answer... no... no, not it. This was a girl's body. But the girl still would not answer. "Who are you... who are you... who...?" Mary Ann brought her knees to her face and wept for the girl who hadn't gotten the chance to hide.
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