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((Simon Telamon continued from Twists and Turns))

As Simon ran through the area, the announcement still ran through his head.

"... Clio Gabriella, shot Chris Davidson right in the head ... tenth to be wiped off the map was Petrushka Ivanova as Miss Gabriella chalked up her second kill ..."

Unlike some of the other students, Simon was having trouble equating Clio, sweet, viviacious Clio Gabriella, with that of a heartless killer. All the same, in spite of his admittedly scant knowledge of SOTF, he grudgingly recognized one thing: Danya was, if not forthright, honest in a sense, meaning if Danya said that Clio Gabriella killed Chris Davidson and Petrushka Ivanova, then Clio Gabriella killed Chris Davidson and Petrushka Ivanova. This led Simon to play the small game of denial - not of Clio's actions, but of her motivations.

Okay, Chris, don't know him - maybe he attacked her and she had no choice (This fact was untrue: Chris had no intention or ability to kill anybody) What about Petrushka? Was that a mercy kill? (Now he was really grasping at straws - while somewhat likely that Petrushka had been severly injured, it didn't jibe with Petrushka's "utter lack of fighting spirit.") That was pretty much what was rolling through his head as he ran away from the warehouse. Enough so that he wasn't paying attention to the burn in his legs ... well leg, but still ... it was only when he approached the giant building when he finally paid heed to something other than his girlfriend - it was the two figures at the door of the building (Roman Jackson and Acacia Salinger, although Simon didn't know it), although it didn't stop him from running towards the building as fast as he could: he had just remembered the crossbow bolt sticking out of the housing of his leg and he needed to check out how much damage had been done to the plastic and his stump without having to look behind him.

With his leg having gained a high priority in his head, it didn't much go through his head that Roman and Acacia may not have been receptive to Simon's presence as he slammed into the wall about seven feet to the left of the door (and as such, Roman and Acacia), huffing and puffing as he turned around and slid down into a sitting position, his back to the wall, looking at the crossbow bolt sticking out of his left leg.

Perhaps I should actually start on my leg, once I lose that feeling of being unable to breathe ...
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