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((Rob Jenkins continued from Conquistador))

After wasting most of the afternoon on his trip from the Residential Area, Robert was desperate to find another place to rest. Not that he was tired, oh no. Being an athlete with a great endurance, and after resting in a quite comfortable place (for island standards anyway), Rob was still full of energy to walk. Spending a night in the forest though, was one of those things he wanted to avoid at all costs. Cold temperature, wild animals, and even more crap visibility than elsewhere? No thanks.

Finally, as the sun was close to the western horizon, Rob left the forest. The area he entered was probably the last one he expected to see, though.

Fuck, this place again?

The sight of hundreds of tree stumps and fallen logs welcomed Rob again, much to his dismay. For once, it was a terrible place for a rest, both in terms of comfort and safety. It was also way too familiar for him. After all, that's where he woke up exactly yesterday, and fought Janet and Tobias. Whatever crazy route he took earlier that day, it was impossible for him to make a full circle in such a short timespan, right? RIGHT?


Rob looked at his compass again.

"South-West. How the hell, after constantly moving South, I managed to get to the same place?"

With a loud grunt of displeasure, Rob went to the nearest tree stump, got his daypack and took half eaten loaf of bread he took from Paige's daypack, as well as his designated map. He spread the map on the stump while munching the bread and looked all over it to pinpoint his current location. To be on a safe end, he also took his gun with his free hand, just in case someone would came up and try anything funny.

"It just cannot be right..."
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