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Bridget watched as everything seemed to start going to hell again. Sarah had finished treating Kimberly, which was great, but then she broke down into a tearful fit. She didn't know why, but the redhead couldn't exactly blame her. This whole situation was fucked up. At the same time, standing around and pitying themselves wasn't going to get them anywhere. Dutchy was trying to comfort Sarah, but he too looked on the verge of tears.

Now that she no longer needed to support Kimberly, Bridget was able to stand. She didn't know how long she'd been on the ground, but one of her legs had fallen asleep. The feeling slowly returned to her leg, and she winced as the pins and needles worked their way down the limb. Looking at her companions, she knew in her mind that nothing was going to get done unless someone made it happen.

"Alright, we need to get moving." Bridget said with all the authority she could muster in her voice. "I know things are tough, but we aren't going to get anything done by sitting here and pitying ourselves. Everyone grab your bags." walking over to Sarah, Bridget grasped under her arms firmly, and brought the sobbing girl to her feet. Leaning in towards her, she whispered in her ear so no one else could hear what she said. "You need to stay strong. People look up to you. If anyone can lead us to safety, it's you."

Pulling away from the girl, Bridget grabbed her belongings, pulling out her map and compass. She wasn't the greatest outdoorsman in the world, but it wasn't hard to determine where they were on the island. Kimberly needed to get better treatment, so the clinic was their best bet at that point. Once everyone had gathered their things, Bridget began to walk, finally leaving the beach. If she never returned again, it'd be too soon.

((Bridget Connolly continued in Dimer))
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