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(I wasn't sure who's turn it was to post, but I thought it was mine and Dom said I should post anyway...So sorry if I ruin the order OH and sorry about the longish paragraphs, I couldn't trim them down :/)

Laying curled on her side, Haruka trembled with fear. Her knees were drawn inwards and she hugged her torso tightly, by some small wonder the oar was still in her grasp, so whoever she ran into hadn’t managed to beat her to death with it yet. She slowly put one hand out, flattening her palm against the damp cave floor. Haruka had wanted so see scenery, and if she was to die underground, she may as well try to appreciate something.

The sheer size of the network of tunnels under the mountain, as if she had crawled into a wheel of Swiss cheese. The mystery of where one tunnel may lead, and where others wouldn’t. The incredibility that men had built this, and yet it seemed like burrows of some giant, beastly mole. The incredible strength of echoes carried through the dark. The strange formations of stalagmites and stalactites. The mysterious glimmer of gemstones and transparent rocks, lodged in the wall.

Haruka Watanabe may have been nearing the end of her short life, but as her mind escaped from the confines of that particular tunnel, she seemed to be at ease, if not for only a moment.

"The fuck was that for?"

Whatever haven of calm and safety Haruka’s mind, she was suddenly torn away from. The cold, bitter taste of reality oozed over her tongue in the form of the saliva and grime from the caves. She froze again, too scared to even spit the awful mixture out of her mouth. Haruka drew her hand back to her chest with a snap, skinning her knuckle on the stone floor. She winced, shutting her eyes and starting to tremble again.

"Uh, h-hey, it's okay."

"What the fuck did I do to you, you stupid cunt?!"

“Hey Duncan, what- uh, what’s going on here?”

"Hey, are you even fucking listening to me?"

“Nice oar.”

"I'm fucking talking to you, listen to me!"

"Look, will you just shut u-"

A cacophony of voices. Angry screeching. Shaky sympathy. A curious drawl. More angry screeching. More angry screeching. Oh please let it stop! Just…Swallow me into the ground now! Please! I don’t want to be here anymore! She peered over her shoulder, wide eyed looking at those crowding around her. Her breathing was hoarse and haggard, her legs were twitching, trying to gear up into a run but she was frozen on the floor.

Duncan…He seemed to be trying to control things, snapping back at her aggressor. He had seemed so threatening earlier, but maybe she was just a bag of nerves. He had a sharp stick, and whilst not particularly lethal, he could have skewered her with it at any time, but he hadn’t. And I ran…I’m so ungrateful! Even though he still seemed to be a threat, he was the one she was least afraid of.

Approaching from behind him was a boy and a girl. Feo and…Who is that? Feo had been given a drastic SOTF makeover. Her long, flowing hair had been cut short and there was a bloody bandage around the stump of her hand. But where are the fingers? She was possibly less of a threat than Duncan, but she seemed cold and hardened. She didn’t want to think that Feo Eleri Smith was capable of murder, but she must have been through something violent to wind up looking the way she did now.

The boy however…He looks so…so…sinister. She soon placed the name to the face and realised he was Ethan, his surname however, was a mystery to her as she wasn’t in any of his classes. She knew it was stupid not to know the people she had been attending Bayview with for the past four years, but in all honesty she had never gotten involved. The only surnames she knew where of those in her classes, the popular kids and of course, the juvenile delinquents. Everyone else, and she felt bad thinking of it that way, were simply moving scenery. But Ethan, something about him made her feel like she just had to turn on her heels and run.

And now, her aggressor. The one spouting the angry screeches and curse words. The one she had ran into by accident. The one who could have been sneaking up on her. A…A Fiametta? F-Frances Fiametta? She didn’t know much except that the girl was substance abuser and right now, seemed more than threatening. An antagonist? She wasn’t sure, but Frances Fiametta really didn’t seemed particularly bothered with how she portrayed herself. She was unarmed, but Haruka really didn’t fancy her chances in a fight with her, with any of them.

And then there was a horrible smell. It took Haruka back to before SOTF, when she volunteered at animal pounds and the vet surgery. She remembered with distinct horror of how an error had been made, when stitching up a Siberian husky. The surgeon had ran out of the double strength thread made for large animals, so he doubled up on the thread used for smaller animals.

The husky was returned to its kennel for when the owner returned, but on the way there its stitches opened and…Haruka felt sick just thinking about it, but she had never been near such a large amount of blood. When people have nosebleeds or cut their knees, you don’t really smell anything. If you’re really squeamish, then the mere sight of it rattles you, but a lot of blood had came out of the dogs belly.

The weird yet sickening smell, like a mixture of copper and death, had met her nose and she lost her lunch right there and then. The dog went into shock and died and the surgery got sued, nobody in the neighbourhood wanted to send their injured animal to the place where “That dog split open like a hotdog bun” and eventually, the vet closed down and was turned into a Wendy’s.

She opened her eyes again, looking into the dark face of what she could only describe as a moving corpse. In the darkness, the shadows were cast dramatically over the girls face, with slivers of the pale green glow. That and the mud and the blood made her look like she was wearing some pagan death mask. Stringy hair, pallid skin. The mud caked into her dark clothes, the stench of coppery death being radiated from her like it was the torn underside of the husky. A blistered hand brushed by Haruka’s face, sending a shiver down her spine. It brushed the hair out of her eyes, in an almost motherly way. The whole thing was too much, Haruka’s breathing went up, her heart felt like it was going to explode.

"Hush, kid. Hey. Everything's gonna be alright."

Lies. She wants to kill me! I can see the knife! It’s sticking out right there! Wants to lure me away…Wants to kill me! Haruka may have been a timid, nervous wreck, but she certainly wasn’t an idiot. The blood, the mud, the blisters, the knife…This girl, whoever she was under the death mask, was trouble. Sure if the girl wanted to kill Haruka, she could have done it already, but then she’d have to deal with the other four. Even with a knife, that was an uphill battle.

"I've got a couple ideas for escape plans, but shhhhh, don't say it loud. I don't know how sensitive the cameras are here. We're gonna get out."

The eyes of the girl seemed to be boring into Haruka’s like drills. Maybe she was attempting to be Mama Bear, but all Haruka saw was a grotesque beast that wanted to slash her to bits. Her hands slowly guided her backwards across the floor. She had always been the one avoiding attention in Bayview, and now the spotlight was shining on her. Five people, all of whom had the capability of killing her, were awaiting her next move.

She didn’t care about the oar, it fell to the floor with a loud clatter. She shot upwards, falling into the wall of the tunnel then turned on her heel, running towards Duncan. Right now, he seemed like the only person she could trust, if only slightly.

She skidded across the floor and scrambled behind him, crouching down. She put her hands against his back, using him like some sort of shield to hide behind. She was too terrified to tilt her head and look at the girl again, or the Fiametta.

Too afraid to turn around and look at Feo and Ethan.

Everything was coming together now, all the violence and terror she had missed out on in the heart of the tunnels was rushing to meet her.
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