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A very good idea. Huh. Not something Al got very often. He smiled back at the other guy, already busy at the hole. "Thanks, man. Hey, don't start without me, yeah?" With that, the little blond dove right in, vigorously tearing through the sand. This would be just like the time they buried Dougal up to his neck when he fell asleep at the beach when they were ki- wait, had that been Dougal? Al paused to think a moment.

...Nope, that was Megan, back before she moved to Michigan. Man, how could he get those two mixed up? She was, like, the anti-Dougal or something. He wondered briefly how she was doing these days, before his mind wandered to other things. Things like how hungry he was right now. Things like pizza. Big ol' pan pizza from Pizza Hut, with extra cheese, and ground beef, and bacon bits, and "Hey, ethereal plane to Al. You diggin' that hole or not?" Oh, right, duh. The grave. He'd kept at it unconsciously, but his digging had slowed to a crawl as his thoughts drifted and his mouth watered at the thought of delicious, savory pseudo-Italian pie. Mmmmm. Dougal snapped his fingers. Crap, now he'd done it again. Focus, Al! Obeying his own instructions, he got back to the task at hand, digging like a mole being chased. His digging was inefficient, but in much the way using TNT is an inefficient way of fishing: it's a gross abuse of resources for a task that can be accomplished with a string and a hook, but it works.

After another minute or so, maybe an hour, however long it took them to get a foot and a half, Al couldn't really tell, a new voice sounded out. Al knew that voice, at least. In his best Sly Stallone impersonation, he called out, "Yo, Adrian!" causing Dougal to facepalm yet again. Speaking normally again, he answered, "We're just diggin' Dougal here a grave. You wanna help?" His reply was oddly cheerful for the situation, but to be fair, it was the only way he knew how to cope.
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