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(Melissa Li continued from Random Spawns are a Bitch.)

'Why am I here climbing a mountain of all things?' was just one of the random thoughts going through her mind as she struggled after the other girls, staying just a few steps ahead of Aislyn. Sweat poured off of her brow as she tried to ignore the burning feeling in her chest. She never thought of herself as out of shape, but climbing mountain trails was more than she had ever bargained for. Her feet were killing her and while her shoes and socks had dried out, they were now stiff with the remains of the swamp water and she desperately wanted to change into something more comfortable. And despite how beautiful the scenery looked, there was a growing voice in her mind that kept reminding her how easy it would be just to...push someone over the edge and watch them tumble to their doom down the mountain.

'I can't handle this...please tell me we're going to take a break soon...' Melissa silently begged, her pride and more than a little fear at the solemn and hard expression on Aislyn's face keeping her mouth shut. Her prayers were answered as they arrived in a clearing and Melissa slumped on the ground with a tired sigh. She dropped her bags next to her and folded her legs together, leaning against the mountain wall as she dimly heard one of the other girls begin to sing. "Finally...rest for a moment..."

Breathing heavily, she looked tiredly at Aislyn as she began searching around for something. Melissa shrugged at her question before slowly getting to her feet and helping the other girl look around. She licked her dry lips. "I haven't really...seen anything like that. Sorry..."
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