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Gloria nodded, choking back more tears, just relieved that they seemed to believe her. She still wasn't giving up her gun--The thing that killed Dad. Weird how she wanted nothing more than to hold onto it now. She almost hoped it was loaded--but if not, perhaps she could bluff someone? No, best to load it ASAP, when they got out of the tunnels.

She moved the gun to one hand, keeping it aimed harmlessly at the floor, wiping her eyes and then nose on her sleeve. Nodding and following after the group, she kept darting her eyes around, half-suspecting someone would jump out of the darkness and jump them all. Half-thinking that any second now there'd be an axe going through her skull or something. The thought made her start crying again, though more quietly.

"Hey! Hey guys, we're almost out!"

"R-Really?!" Gloria cried. She quickened her pace a bit, duffel banging against her hip as she jogged a little ahead, smiling tearfully as she saw the sky outside. She was out of the dark, oh, thank God!

....Only problem was, now she was in a wide-open area.

[[Gloria Benson continued in I Swear I Won't Shoot.]]
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