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Can you hear me?
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Chase could vaguely hear some mumblings. "Shut up brain"? God, and people always went on about how she was weird.

But, it seemed as if time slowed down as the speaker approached. At first it was just the crunching of twigs, branches, and god knows what else. But, the footsteps got louder. It seemed as if they were trying to quietly pad along, but every sense seemed to be amplified for her once more. It was like back at the carnival. It seemed as if she had separated from her body again, and was only watching what was happening, unable to act.

The figure grew closer, and soon Chase could tell it was a male. A skinny male, but threatening all the less. The gun he was holding was pointed straight at her. A gun. Oh great, another whackjob. Why were they always attracted to her? Was this some sort of karma here or something?

But, she just stood still.

Chase, run. He's going to attack you.

Her legs did not respond, despite the fact that she wanted to run. Oh, how she wanted to run.

MOVE IT! Moveitmoveitmoveitmoveitmoveit!

The boy continued to approach, gun still in tow. But, he stopped, and lowered the gun. Saying he wasn't going to play.

Chase continued to stare, clutching the bag to her chest. Everything seemed so surreal right now, like a dream or nightmare. It was just like yesterday, as she had remembered. Blood was pounding in her ears, and for all the world, she looked like a scared mouse just an inch away from a cat.

The gun boy's name was Ben Powell, apparently. She could somewhat remember that name and face, now that she thought of it.

Again, he wasn't playing, or at least he claimed. Was this some sort of lie? He was the one going around shouting things, muttering to himself, and pointing guns at people! Chase had the feeling there was something completely and utterly wrong with him.

And then he had the nerve to say that she was the one who scared him. Again, this was a guy who was shouting things at the top of his lungs, pointing guns at people, and talking to himself. That usually wasn't a good indicator of mental health, from what she knew of the topic.

After he asked if he could sit down, Chase tried her best to smile and answer as best as she could. "Uh... sure. But, could you mind... y'know... keeping the g... the gun on the ground? Because you kind of frightened me there..."

If he left his gun on the ground in plain view, it would help significantly. One, he would have to reach for it, giving Chase enough time to escape. Two, she could grab it if he did indeed get violent. Three, she could end up with a weapon if she did indeed grab it. It would be stealing, of course (she was the first person to know what that was like), but if he was like Rasputin, it was better than getting shot and having god knows what happen to her. She had no clue what type of gun it was, but she was sure it would be a help. And if he turned out to be nice, heck, she just might have an ally. Sure, he had frightened her, but maybe he knew something she didn't. And maybe she could get supplies off of him that she lost in the scuffle with Nancy.

So, for right now she was going to try to be civil with him. Be polite, ask him questions, make light conversation, see if he didn't think he was Hannibal Lecter or something, you know, interact with him like she would at school. Okay, so she didn't interact with Ben much at school. But, just talk to him like they had been paired up for a project or bumped into each other in the hallways, spilling paper and things everywhere. God, that was like some romantic comedy, was it? But now wasn't the time to think about movies and such.

"Hey... uh... Ben?" she looked at the new person. "Are you... y'know... alright?"

Mental health check is go! It wouldn't right away tell her if he was some sort of sicko that would skin her alive, but hey. If he was indeed a psychotic maniac, he would probably answer in a way that clearly indicated that. But, what then? How would she get away from someone like that? Just run and hide?

Oh, what a mess, what a mess.

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