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Dutchy's smile widened at Rolands' words as the pair began to make their way back up the beach towards Sarah and the others. He could feel the gears in his brain churning, he felt as if another genius breakthrough was only moments away.

This will work, they didn't expect that! Roland and Sarah, and everyone, EVERYONE is going to get out of here.

He bobbed his head as he walked, water still dripping from his blond hair.

"The way I see it, it's possible to google map everything. So I mean, an Island? No sweat! It'd be hard not to find it if they put enough manpower into it. Danya wouldn't give us an incorrect map, that'd be bad for his... his ratings. And I mean, the plants an' stuff! Surely the flowers and trees are specific to only a certain area. We should find someone smart with that, like Brooky! He could be able to tell us more. Já já já, this is going to work!"

This is going to WORK.

He scratched his head in thought as he continued towards the others. The wounded girl seemed to be moving now, and Dutchy was overjoyed. He felt his stomach churning at the thought of her wound, but he closed his eyes until the feeling subsided.

It's not like I have anything left to throw up anyways

"We should get something to eat soon! I kind of sorta' threw up earlier, sorry about that." He said, looking towards his companion. He paused for a second, before continuing.

"I just thought of another thing! These things.. the, the, collars.. speakers. They can hear us I bet. If we're going to get out of here, we need to do it without talking. If that makes any sense. Well, talking, but without talking. Góđur, yes?"

You can do this Dutchy, you've done more than you would've thought you were capable of. You need to stay up, you need to keep calm, and keep YOURSELF, for them. The last thing they need is a sad Dutchy, and that's one thing you can make sure to avoid...

Suddenly, the world seemed to slow down. Ahead of the boys, Sarah fell down in the sand, curling into a ball and letting out a ghastly shriek. Dutchy's heart jumped out of his chest and suddenly he realized he was moving, running at a great speed towards his fallen friend, his fear of the other girls wounds forgotten. Sliding in the sand on his knees, Dutchy was mere inches from colliding with Sarah, the girl shook with her sobs and Dutchy felt himself begin to tremble, terror building within him.

Not again Dutchy, not again! Come on, come on stop this! Nei nei nei!

"Sarah! Sarah-, I'm here, I'm not gonna leave! It's alright, don't worry, you're safe! We're safe! Sarah, stop crying PLEASE, I can't stand to see you cry!"

What's happened? What the heck is happening, what's wrong!?

Dutchy felt a tear begin to leak out of his eye as he sat near the crying girl, trying in vain to cheer her up, his heart pounding with every wracking sob his friend made.

I can do this, I can help, I need to do this, I need to help...

((Dutchy continued in Dimer))
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