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((OOC: So the post order, from here on out, should be Ciel, faceinabook, chibi, KingKamor, Me. Right?)

"There's some fuckin' psycho there, I say we get the fuck outta here NOW!"

Oh God. Oh God.

Of all the things that could've happened, this was pretty close to the worst case scenario. People were getting hysterical. Rena was getting hysterical. Again. She took another breath. Snap out of it. The kid with a gun, hadn't he said Raine? As in Ridley's Raine?

"My name's Ridley! Some of you have to had seen me around school, right? I'm not going to hurt anyone! And neither is Rena!"

Good. This was good. Ridley was diffusing the situation. Soon the guns would be put away, and people would be reunited, and there would be a plan, and everything would be okay. Right? Unless they're playing. Unless they want to win. Unless you're standing in their way. Unless... Rena squeezed her eyes shut.

God. Damn. This. No. This was it. Rena wasn't a killer. She was scared of blood for God's sake! She wasn't going to go crazy, she wasn't going to kill anyone, and she most certainly wasn't a psycho.

And she wasn't going to die here. Not like this.

"WAIT! Everyone calm down! No one is a psycho, no one is going to hurt anyone, so stop yelling, put down your weapons, and be calm." Rena didn't have the mindset to find it ironic that she, the one screaming at the top of her lungs at a breaking point in her psyche, was telling everyone to calm down. "You said Raine, right? We're looking for her. Please just put down the gun and talk to us." Tears were flowing from her face, again. The amount of times she'd cried, the people with guns she'd met; she was just setting all sorts of personal records, wasn't she? "Please...just calm down."

She was perfectly aware that the last part of that statement had been aimed towards herself.

It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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