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((I apologize for the low-quality post. Just trying to get Jimmy out of here ...))

Thankfully, Alan calmed down. He was still nervous, but for the moment, he wasn't at the level of a psychological breakdown. It was then that Alan said something about finding shelter being their best option right now.

Huh. Makes sense. We can at least hide from bad weather. Lighthouse is out, though. Jimmy noted the announcement's mentioning of the lighthouse as a danger zone (thus obviously precluding anyone from taking shelter). Alan tripped over a tree root, but was able to make a lame joke about it (possibly a coping mechanism) as he walked off.

"Wait!" Jimmy picked up his sword and bags. "What type of idea are you thinking of?" He followed Alan to wherever they were going next, only slightly thankful that they had not been witness to any of the carnage so far ...

((Jimmy Robertson continued in Dirty))
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