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((Permission to move Feo with Ethan granted))

The relaxed state of his body threatened to pull him back under the firm grip of sleep but the movement from Feo and the concentrated heat of her lips against his neck brought him back to alertness in a rush of senses. He closed his eyes and smiled.

This slut is trying to play me. She thinks she’s gonna get in my head? Well I can go toe to toe.

He opened his eyes.

“Hey there. Did you sleep okay?”

Gingerly he got to his feet, his back and legs still bruised from hitting the table back at the saw mill. He rotated his left arm a little, trying to judge the range of its motion, feeling the gradually increasing pain as he contorted it further. He straightened up his glasses and looked around. They were alone. He assumed that Duncan had gone to check out that noise he had heard earlier.

Ethan picked up Feo’s bandaged hand and held it up to the level of his face and kissed it.

“Lover boy ran off,” his lips grazing against the skin and bandages as he spoke.

He ran his tongue over the spot he had just placed a chaste kiss. He could feel the texture change from skin to bandage, and then back to skin. The flavors of gauze, dried blood and her mingled together. Climbing up a little further past the knuckle he reached one finger and one absence of a finger. Briefly he found himself wondering how phantom limb syndrome might be factoring into all of this. His thoughts on the matter were interrupted when more loud shouting bounced off the walls.

“We’d better check that out.”

He picked up his bag; a sharpened stick and the glow stick and cautiously went further into the tunnel. Up ahead the two of them saw Duncan standing and looking at something. Ethan held the glow stick up and looked at Duncan, then looked at the girls on the floor.

“Hey Duncan, what- uh, what’s going on here?” he said, cocking his head at the mess.

Two strangers and…..a Fiametta?

“Nice oar.”
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