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This was exactly the kind of thing they needed. The kind of full-blown plan to excite hearts and send minds racing with the possibilities and ways of working it. It was The Plan. Max had no idea if it would actually save them, but he didn't care. He was too busy caught up in the elation of someone actually having a great idea and he being around to work with it, to capitalize on it. It was enough to drive you giddy with excitement.

"Lighthouse right? So we need to go... East. Let's go, we don't have much more time to lose."

"Yeah, that's the truth," Max said, his smile broad and his spirit alive. The cormorant attack and the revelation of what was happening had left him a bit stunned, but now he was back on top. Now he was Max Neill, Student Council President, Natural Leader. He could kill kings and topple mountains in this state.

Speaking of which...

"Hey, did I tell you guys what happened before I saw you? You know those cormorants, right?"

((Max Neill continued in Searching for Clues))
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