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((sorry sorry sorry ilu all))

Mike's plan had an unexpected spark of genius to it, one that Max and Tim both seemed to see almost instantly. Tim's smile, wide and genuine, looked oddly out of place on his pudgy features - but Erik found himself echoing it anyhow, expression splitting into a broad, relieved grin. With smiles all around, it was easy to almost forget the situation. Think of it like a team-building exercise, one of those wilderness out-trip things the school made them go on every now and again, not what it really was.

Cormorants cried overhead, but the noise was just bird-calls to his ears. He shouldered his bag, pulling his hair back into a tighter ponytail, squaring his shoulders. "Let's follow the yellow brick road, then." Setting off after Mike, dropping neatly into line, focusing all his energy on the plan, he could almost ignore the cameras in the trees ahead and the way that, far down on the beach, he could almost see figures. Didn't matter.

"Oz awaits, I guess. Let's go home."

((Erik Laurin continued elsewhere))

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