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The combined threat of the two hidden behind the log might have been more credible if they'd actually produced a weapon. As it was, all they had to go on was the tough act they were putting up. Oh, don't get him wrong, if was very frightening. It might have been more so if he didn't have Wolverine claws readily available. Sure, one of them might have a gun, but if they did they would have already used it. Or, at the very least, made it visible. There was an off chance they didn't mean any harm, but just the same he'd keep his claw in reach. Suspicion was without a doubt the best policy here.

Sofia's reaction was a little less mild. It was understandable, no question. Two people jumping out of cover when they were found it was certainly shifty. Maybe they had the same idea that was passing through his head now. Sofia with her pipe and him with his barely hidden claws and all. If he were in their shoes, he'd be hesitant about revealing himself too. Maybe it wasn't even that? Maybe they were just two friends and were both very opposed to the idea of outside contact with people who may very well have already snapped. Sofia did almost hit him, hadn't she? It was a justifiable concern, no question.

Considering no one was dead and every one was still playing it close to the chest, Sofia had the right idea. Even with the halfhearted threat, the two girls were probably more scared of them and so on and so forth. Maybe not the nicest that he viewed them like two corned animals, but he would err on the side of caution. And that meant letting Sofia take the lead. He at least had the pretense of a hidden weapon, she couldn't really take back swinging her pipe around. It was nice that she hadn't smashed his skull in, but that didn't mean he needed to play the valiant. This wasn't Halo, as much as he might like it to be, he wouldn't respawn if he got shoot, nor would his shields flare to life after a suitable pause from combat.

Even so, he could at least back her up verbally. And back her up verbally he did. Once he started talking, it was hard to stop. Even if he ended up putting his foot in his mouth. "Go on, listen to the girl. We're not going to hurt you. I mean, I'm sure you wouldn't even be worth much xp if we did kill you or something like that and I'm going to shut up now. So, yeah. We're cool. Uh, not going to hurt you that is. Maybe she's cool, but whatever. No hostility here, so you can put down your, uh, rock, and we'll just talk like the nice friendly people we are. "
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