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((Gary Griffith continued from Twists and turns))

Even though he didn't really pass that much of the terrain, Gary was terribly tired. Forced nap after inhaling the sleeping gas wasn't really a relaxing one, and later, his body had to be in constant movement just to stay alive. As he really wanted to avoid staying in the woods for anytime longer (mostly because of wild animals. If Danya was to be believed, there was a bear walking around the island), Gary tried to make as few stops as possible, and so, no rest for him again.

Finally, Gareth noticed the end of the treeline, and entered... Something that was also a forest some time ago. Gary was not an ecologist of any kind, but that kind of view just hurt his eyes. So many death, just so people could make wooden tables at best and toothpicks at worst. Disgusting. At least it would do as a resting place. Not really a good resting place, since he was in completely open area, but at least now, he'll have a chance to see the danger before it will be too late.

Gary quickly found a small pyramid made from logs, sat down and leaned his back on it. After a few minutes, when his stomach started demanding some food, Gary opened his daypack, bite off a few chunks of bread and drank some water. It was far from a nutritious meal, but Gary never really needed to eat a lot, so it was enough for him at least for a while.

Okay, so what now?

As he asked himself this question, another voice boomed in the distance. Some girl's voice. Yelling. Gary looked around himself, but didn't notice anything. Then, he looked behind the log pyramid and after a while he spotted a few human shapes in the distance. All of them were too far away for Gary to see their faces, but maybe that was better. After all, the last bigger group he met tried to kill him.

Instead of doing anything bold and/or stupid, Gary simply cleaned his glasses, as they got a bit dirty, and observed the situation from afar. If nothing wrong was about to happen, then maybe he will even approach the group, but for now? Better safe than sorry.

((Sidenote: Gary is only an observer here. Feel free to skip me in the queue until all the deal with Hermione is finished))
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