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((Permission to control of Jojo has been given))

John stared at the speaking girl, but none of her words were registering. She murdered Maria... Why? Maria wouldn't have harmed a fly, he was sure of it... She never even got involved in the arguments he and Jay shared...

Of course, they spent a total of less than an hour together. Even factoring in the amount of times they may have met in the hallway or cafeteria, it couldn't have been more than a few days in total.

But since waking up on this island, she had been one of the few sane people he'd met and started to trust.

Now she was gone.


"No..." John said softly, shaking his head as he looked back at Maria. "You don't get to be sorry... You should be the dead one. Not her..."

He felt cold and the forest hadn't stopped spinning, but at least it wasn't giving him a sea-sick feeling any more.

"I hope someone fucking tortures you..." he told Jackie, backing away slowly. "Something quick... You just need to suffer."

He almost fell when he backed into Jojo who was still near-catatonic knelt on the ground. John glanced around to see who it was, then back at Jackie. He didn't want to take his eyes off of her.

"Come on, man." he told Sunil, not having noticed that Jay had made good on his escape. He put his hand under Jojo's arm and pulled him up. The weight of his shotgun didn't help with the weight of the shellshocked boy. "I'll keep an eye on her - you grab my bags if you can... We're getting the fuck out of here..."

He had no idea how he was being so authoritative - probably all of the practice he got around Celeste. She loved him asserting himself. He'd have to thank her when he saw her again.


"We're out of here." he told Jackie. "You have any sense - you'll stay here or fuck off in that direction or something..."

((John Smith continued in Living in the Aftermath))
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