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Imraan set the log he'd been dragging down on the ground, and looked up. He was breathing hard, sweating, and hadn't noticed that Cody Jenkins had arrived. And then Cody had decided to tell him how useless his project was.

Sure, Imraan welcomed the arrival of Cody Jenkins to the area. Notsomuch because he was really hoping to run into Cody Jenkins of all people here, he barely knew the guy, but just because he figured he had to be happy about meeting anyone who wasn't, well who wasn't going to try to kill him. But that didn't mean he had to appreciate the guy's comments on the situation at hand. The guy didn't have to be an optimist about this whole thing, but just what good was he doing by spouting off stupid stuff like that? What, was he supposed to just sit around and wait to die? Or even better, decide that hey, there's no hope here, might as well go kill people? That was EXACTLY the kind of mindset that lead to nineteen classmates dead!

Imraan was about to reply, but held it when Janet Claymont arrived on the scene. Janet was a cheerleader, and while they weren't exactly friends he liked her well enough. She asked about Chad's conspiracy theory. Great, all he needed was for everyone to start thinking that way and going further down this rabbit hole.

"Hey Janet. Uh.. well he is, I guess. I'm just trying to make a signal here."

An awkward moment of silence passed, before Imraan shook his head and sat down on one of the logs. He'd forgotten what he was originally going to say to Cody, but he had to say something.


He wiped his face with his shirt, buying a couple more seconds to pick his words.

"Honestly, maybe you're right. I don't even know enough about this whole thing to say if you're being crazy or not. But I mean, so what? I'm trying to be proactive here, I'm trying to do something. If you wanna help, that's great, and I think all our chances to survive are better as a group. You don't wanna help, well, that's your choice."

A shout indicated the arrival of another. Imraan was drawing a blank on his last name, but he recognized it as David, a guy who played baseball and maybe a couple other sports for the school. The guy was looking exhausted. Either he'd just crossed half the island to get here... or he'd seen something bad and it was shock masquerading as fatigue. Imraan waved him over.

"Hey. You uh, you wanna sit down?"
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